Celebrities and Online Casinos: An evolving relationship

Celebrities and Online Casinos: An evolving relationship

The online casino industry and gambling, in general, have evolved over the years, and today, the general assumption of the industry has drastically changed. Gambling and online casinos used to be negatively portrayed in the media and society, and terms like taboo and addiction were always closely mentioned when referring to gambling.

However, the gambling industry has made successful inroads into changing the perspectives and opinions of people, and today there are hundreds of online casinos that are licensed and regulated. All licensed online casinos also actively promote responsible gambling, and plenty of responsible gaming tools and information are readily available for players to control the threat of addiction.

With the increased change in the perception of online casinos, we now see more engagement between people and online casinos. Celebrities are an example of this change, and various celebrities are open to sharing their involvement and success when playing at online casinos. Besides playing their favourite casino games, most celebrities also partner their brands with top online casino brands. The association between celebrity brands and online casinos has benefited both parties and below, we discuss the popularity of the relationship while covering the benefits to each party. Finally, we provide some insight into what features prospective players should look for in an online casino.

Why celebrities are happy to be associated with casinos

Celebrities are not fools; they are educated and intelligent enough to realize the importance of associating their brands with safe and secure online casinos. It would be disastrous for a celebrity to market an online casino that is not licensed, and the consequences could be catastrophic for their brand.

The reality of why online casinos are no longer considered taboo is primarily through the hard work of gambling regulators. Gambling regulators are international gambling boards that provide online casinos with operating licenses. It is difficult to obtain a gambling license, and the various gambling jurisdictions have processes to monitor the activities of online casinos constantly. Strict protocols are in place, and all online casinos must adhere to them or risk losing their gambling license. Some examples of licensing and regulatory requirements include providing players with a safe and secure casino site, ensuring all casino games are fair, all banking methods must be encrypted, and bonus terms and conditions must be clearly stated for all players to understand.

Once online casinos have been licensed, it is up to them to adhere to the regulations and ensure that the site is secure and operates fairly. All online casinos must use SSL encryption technology to protect players and their private information. The banking platform of the casino should also be encrypted and secure, so players can make deposits and withdrawals without the threat of their bank details getting leaked. All casino games should be regularly tested to ensure that the games are fair, and this is achieved through Random Number Generator (RNG) technology.

What do celebs get out of it?

As mentioned earlier, the perception of online casinos has changed, and they are no longer considered taboo. Online casinos have worked hard to market their products; one lucrative marketing tool has been celebrities. Celebrities promoting online casinos have provided various benefits to celebrities, with the obvious being monetary gains.

Online casinos pay celebrities large amounts to endorse their casinos and bring in new clientele. Celebrity promotions include running advertisements with celebrities promoting the casino, having celebrities publicly acknowledge the casino through social media posts, and conducting promotional activities with celebrities, such as inviting celebrities to events and launches.

Indirect celebrity promotions are also widely used in online casinos, usually covering affiliate links and referrals. Online casinos will run exclusive promotions that include the celebrity brand’s name, and any new players who register through this promotion will see the celebrity receiving a percentage of the profits made from the player deposits at the casino.

Celebrities are more than just casino salespeople. They are like any other online casino player and most actively play casino games. Not all celebrities are there to make a quick buck from promoting an online casino and then forget about it; today, most celebrities trust the casino brand and are happy to play the exciting casino games. Celebrities can gain new fans, such as casino players and poker enthusiasts, by associating with an online casino and playing games.

What do casinos get out of it?

The online casino industry is filled with thousands of players who know that playing at casinos is safe and secure. Unfortunately, to overcome the stigma of online gambling, casinos need to reach other individuals, notably those who don’t relate to online casinos. The best way they do this is with celebrities. By partnering with celebrity brands, the online casino becomes a part of the celebrity image and influence. Thus the fans and followers of the celebrity are introduced to the online casino industry. The online casino industry is highly competitive, and by associating with celebrities, casinos can improve their standing in the industry while also bringing in new players.

Brand awareness is vital in marketing, and through celebrity promotions, online casinos can reach a broader range of prospective players. Effective celebrity promotions will mention the licensing of the online casino and all the security features of the site, which boosts the public opinions of the online casino concerning player security and fairness of casino games. By generating new players, the casino can boost profits and increase player activity. Another benefit is better informing the public of the casino’s features and reducing the stigma of online casinos, gambling and addiction.

Can you trust these celebrity promotions?

Imagine this scenario; you are on social media, and a celebrity you follow has a new post encouraging all their followers to create an account at this new online casino. You get excited to try out the casino but are worried about what will happen after you register and make a deposit. Don’t stress; this is a common problem that many prospective online casino players have, and luckily, we have you covered, and below we discuss what you should look for in an online casino.

First, it is crucial that you make sure that the online casino is licensed; usually, you will find this information at the bottom of the casino’s site. After that, players should access the casino’s banking platform and navigate through the casino payment methods. An excellent online casino will have secure payment methods and fast withdrawal options. Today, all the rage are minimum deposit casinos, and you should check the bonuses and promotions banner of the casino to find the latest bonuses and promotions. Hopefully, these include minimum deposit bonuses.

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Author: Alan Hughes