Pariplay partners with Eyas Gaming to expand its online gaming presence in Latin America

Pariplay partners with Eyas Gaming to expand its online gaming presence in Latin America

Pariplay has begun operating in Argentina, Panama, and Mexico as a result of a strategic partnership with Eyas Gaming in Brazil. This will expand Pariplay’s presence in the Brazilian gambling market, offering players a wide range of exciting entertainment options at online casinos.

With the experience and shared knowledge between both companies, the partnership is expected to have a positive impact on the gaming industry. It also reflects the ongoing growth of the sector in Latin America and the potential it brings for new business opportunities.

What the partnership entails

Eyas Gaming is already established in Brazil, where it has become highly popular, making this collaboration a significant milestone for Pariplay. The Brazilian market is the largest in Latin America and is a strong market to conquer in the region.

The online casino market in Brazil and Latin America has experienced significant growth in recent years. Latin America has witnessed an increase in the adoption of digital technologies and greater connectivity, driving the growth of online gaming in the region.

According to reports, the online casino market in Brazil is continuously expanding, with projections indicating continued growth in the coming years.

Key regional trends in the casino market include the growing popularity of online gambling, especially among young people who often seek casinos with minimum deposits. Improved technological infrastructure and increased access to mobile devices have enabled more people to join online gaming platforms.

Online gambling regulations are evolving in some Latin American countries, providing greater security and confidence for both operators and players. This has led to increased player participation in online casinos, and the expansion of the range of games and platforms available in the region.

In conclusion, the online casino market in Brazil and Latin America presents significant growth potential due to the increasing penetration of the internet and the rising adoption of digital technologies. With ongoing amendments to regulation and a broader offering of content and platforms, the market is expected to continue flourishing for years to come.

With this new partnership between Pariplay and Eyas Gaming, players will experience impressive Pariplay gaming products in Brazil, including a wide selection of third-party products that will be available through the renowned Fusion platform.

For the first time, Eyas Gaming users will be able to enjoy the popular portfolio of Wizard Games, which includes over 130 modern and unique games, including hits like “Princess Celina and the Frog” and “Book of Eternal Romance.”

Both Eyas Gaming and Pariplay aim to breathe new life into the online gaming industry and provide better casino offerings, not only in Brazil but throughout the region.

More about Eyas Gaming

Eyas Gaming is a Gibraltar-based company, backed by the Gauselmann Group headquartered in Germany. The Group is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of slot machines and arcade games.

Their value proposition is based on establishing partnerships with media and gambling companies worldwide, launching new brands, and creating seamless gaming experiences tailored to each market.
Utilizing the power of the Bede platform, they provide access to a wide range of content and a platform that is already integrated with numerous leading iGaming providers. Their commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in their extensive portfolio.

Eyas Gaming has managed to stand out in the competitive world of iGaming due to their focus on innovation and creativity. Their team of expert developers and designers consistently strive to create exciting and engaging games that meet the needs and preferences of all players.

Their focus on creating exciting products and services has made them popular among gamers and this has help expand their presence in various markets including Latin America.

Author: Alan Hughes